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Hi, you've reached Neal Caffrey. I'm sorry I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message I'll make sure to get back to you. Yes, Peter, even you.
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Neal, still smug from his triumph over that annoying teacher the other day, wasn't paying very much attention to where he was going as he came into his office today. Busily texting Peter, he didn't even look up until he found himself face-to-face with a solid wall of rubber chickens.

Yes. His office was completely full of rubber chickens.

Neal just stood there for a moment, stunned. Then he called Kenzi.

[[Rubber chicken wall courtesy of Madrox, and modded with permission! Open office hours, for sure.]]
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Neal didn't have a ton of students, and he didn't know if any of them even had parents visiting this weekend, but if they did and they were looking for the Tricks, Cons and Bamboozles teacher, they needed to look no further than this office.

He had his feet up on the desk, tracking anklet clearly visible just to get that out of the way, and while he waited for parents to arrive, he was preoccupying himself with looking up fall men's shoe collections. Because he could.
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Okay, no way is anyone going to replace Kenzi in Neal's heart, but he does need a TA for next term! Ideally one who is stealthy and crafty and all that good stuff. Or at least someone who knows how to get him espresso.

This TA may have to post class once or twice. Possibly on the first week. WHY, AVAILABILITY, WHY?
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Neal was freezing in his office today, thank you very much, though Peter seemed to neither believe nor appreciate his texts to that effect during his office hours. That was it. If he didn't have any students stop by in the next ten minutes, he decided, he was going back to his warm apartment.

...He wondered vaguely if there was some kind of place on the island that would deliver a space heater. That was it, he was Googling it.
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Today in his office, Neal was holding a hat that was different from his usual in that lacked a grosgrain overwelt and a diamond crown, as well as good taste. Instead, he spent the better part of the morning eyeing a winter hat that had fallen from the sky yesterday that attempted to mimic its style. The advantage of wearing this one in this particular weather, despite its utter lack of a respectable assault on the commonplace, was that it was wooly and had ear flaps. Finally, to escape the cold, he put it on over his head.

It did, however, match his cashmere scarf, though. That was a plus.

Neal's office hours were open, and full of a fashion-obsessed sophisticate.
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Today's office hours found Neal much like last week's -- seated in his comfortable desk chair with his feet up, Blackberry in hand. Apparently Peter was having a hard time believing that Neal had scored himself a corner office, so he was texting him pictures to prove it. Only he was doing it very carefully, because he didn't Peter seeing the National Gallery over to the west of the island.

Then he laughed. Like Peter knew where that was.

More pictures!
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As far as Neal was concerned, this gig was just about the perfect job. All he had to do was teach one class a week -- and about his own favorite things, no less. That was pretty much perfect. And the students weren't awful. Today he was finishing setting up his office. Once he'd put up a couple paintings and a few little trinket-type things, he was all set up. He took a seat with his feet up on the desk, lazily stirring a cup of coffee that had gone cold an hour ago. Maybe more kids would show up to badger him about being his assistant. That'd be fun.

Peter had no idea what he'd signed him up for. This was awesome.


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